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Jennifer Koach is a fine artist living and working in beautiful Charleston, South Carolina. After living all over the world working as an interior designer, she settled here in Charleston and brought the talents perfected as a designer for color, composition, and problem solving to her original artwork.

Figurative Art  is an every expanding series.  Jennifer captures “figures” doing normal things in their individual way.

“Girly Art”  series is a popular momento for girl’s trips and special occasions. “Boobs and Booze” has been popular for gifts and can be commissioned.

Don’t forget to look at “Homes with Attitude”. Jennifer’s perspective of Charleston homes reflects the personality and unique character of Charleston architecture.  She can also make your home a “Home with Attitude”.

Explore her ever expanding portfolio to see examples of her work.

Please don’t hesitate to contact Jennifer with questions & comments or if you’re interested in a custom piece.


  • Check out www.womenpaintersse.blogspot.com/.   I am a juried member of Women Painters of the Southeast. I am proud to join this group of talented women artists.
  • New Series – Boobs and Booze – You will find it under Girly Art under my portfolio.  Great gift idea for girlfriends and bridesmaid
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  • You can also see me work at Art Mecca on King Street, Charleston, S.C.

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